• Whitepaper: How to Keep Your ISA Devices Running

    To continue with our ISA Series of technical articles, DuroPC has released a whitepaper explaining the process of configuring a new rackmount pc to support legacy ISA devices. Click to download our free whitepaper: Whitepaper-How to Keep Your ISA Devices Running.pdf

  • PICMG 1.3 with ISA Support

    Our in-house engineering team just informed me that PICMG 1.3 ISA support has been tested and confirmed. We believe our configuration to be one of the only ISA-supporting PICMG 1.3 systems on the market. We’re offering configured PICMG 1.3 systems to customers that will support legacy ISA devices, allowing ISA users to take advantage of […]

  • IRQ Settings & Conflicts Part 2

    We’ve put together a simple, printable chart of default IRQ assignments as a continuation from our first IRQ blog post. IRQ Assignments Guide – DuroPC.com  

  • ISA Slots Are Still Alive – Expert Article

    In an effort to share our expertise, DuroPC regularly shares technical articles on EZineArticles.com Here’s a preview of a recent ISA Slot article: It is easily understood that you assume your custom ISA Slot-compatible devices are ready to kick the bucket. Its true PCI and PCIe have all but taken over the consumer and industrial […]

  • SoM System on Modules

    To meet the customization and flexibility demands of PC-based embedded solutions, DuroPC provides two form factors to match various market segment; COM Express and STX. COM Express is initiated and defined by PICMG to give the most updated bus interface support, that is PCI Express. Compared to STX which supports both legacy PCI and ISA […]