Year: 2011

Whitepaper: How to Keep Your ISA Devices Running

To continue with our ISA Series of technical articles, DuroPC has released a whitepaper explaining the process of configuring a new rackmount pc to support legacy ISA devices. Click to download our free whitepaper: Whitepaper-How to Keep Your ISA Devices

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PICMG 1.3 with ISA Support

Our in-house engineering team just informed me that PICMG 1.3 ISA support has been tested and confirmed. We believe our configuration to be one of the only ISA-supporting PICMG 1.3 systems on the market. We’re offering configured PICMG 1.3 systems

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IRQ Settings & Conflicts Part 2

We’ve put together a simple, printable chart of default IRQ assignments as a continuation from our first IRQ blog post. IRQ Assignments Guide –  

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