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Enabling Customers with Disabilities and Special Needs (508 Compliance)

DuroPC is committed to providing industrial computers and computer accessories that are accessible to all of our customers, including those with disabilities and special needs. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act addresses various means for disseminating information, including computers, software,

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PCI versus PCI-X: Here’s the difference between PCI and PCI-X

Recently, a customer came to us with a perplexing demand.  Without going into detail about their specific application, they needed a 2U computer that could house full-length PCI and PCI-X cards.  After creating a solution for their application, we decided

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Supermicro P4SCA Equivalent Board with a DuroPC Motherboard Tower

Our ISA Tower and Rackmount Motherboard systems provide all the same features of the Out-Of-Production Supermicro P4SCA board and allow you to host your ISA Cards while running Legacy Operating Systems. DuroPC TWR137 ISA Tower PC – $1,185 Tower with

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